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Mobile Mechanic Service I discovered

A while ago, I did the routine valve lash adjustment on my Honda Fit.

Now here’s the problem... it was fine for a while, but now my Fit isn’t idling as smoothly as it should. I’m 99% sure it’s because I didn’t do it right and some of the valve lash screws are out of adjustment. And I think that because the other likely culprits like the spark plugs and the ignition coils have already been replaced.


When I was doing the valve lash adjustment, the screw on the right intake lifter on cyl #2 wasn’t playing nice either. It wasn’t holding the adjustment tightly.

I was thinking of taking my Fit to an independent mechanic and get them to redo the valve lash adjustment and fixing the issue with the valve lash adjustment screw on cyl #2.


In searching for one, I came across this service:


So I put in a request describing what I need done and waiting to here back what they will quote me.

Anyone have any experience with this service or mobile mechanic services in general?

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