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I’ve been seeing a lot of political posts lately, and a lot of posts about people complaining about political posts. In light of that, I think it’s about time something was made damned clear: Oppositelock is, has been, and will continue to be an off-topic form. Period. End of story.


It can be argued that the thrust of Oppositelock is about cars and automotive culture, and that argument would be absolutely correct. What would be absolutely incorrect is to use that as a basis for asserting that non-automotive-related posts are unwelcome. Once again, Oppositelock is, has been, and will continue to be an off-topic form. Period. End of story.

In case that’s unclear, allow me to clarify: Political posts are allowed on Oppositelock. If you do not want to read a political post, then do not click on said political post. Do not respond to it. Do not react to it. If you demand that others be less sensitive, accept things as they are, and move on, then set an example and live by what you preach.


As a tangential reminder, here’s a high-level list of what’s not allowed in Oppositelock:

1) Harassment


3) Trolling of other sites

4) Personal attacks

5) Marketing/advertising/selling

6) General shit-stirring

Yep, that last one is a little vague, and intentionally so. Shit-stirring can be hard to explicitly define, but we know it when we see it, and we will act on it as we deem appropriate.


If you would like a more detailed explanation of how this place works (and if you haven’t before, I highly suggest you avail yourself of this opportunity), please review the following posts that will help to clarify the nature of Oppositelock, the standards of behavior we expect from our members, the rules of participation, and the potential consequences of violating the rules of Oppositelock:

Oppositelock Rules of the Road, authored by moderator Gamecat235 -


What to do if you see a troll -


How to appropriately use the dismiss function when dealing with trolls -


If you encounter any issues or see behavior that you feel is in violation of the rules posted in Oppositelock handbook, do not engage and do not stir shit. Use the “flag” function and bring it to the attention of a moderator. The list of moderators can be found in the Oppositelock Handbook linked to above.

You may also reach out to us via twitter and via email at

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