Today, I got a portable dishwasher for free. It's a full-size Whirlpool on casters. But the racks were rusty and the door's been repaired with duct tape.

I have a perfectly good Kenmore non-portable dishwasher that I got for free just sitting there...

Hey, the bottom rack fits!

Hmm, the top one fits, but doesn't work with the sprayer for the other one.

The inner door panels swap. That's interesting...

Now both of them are sitting apart and the roommate and I are trying to figure out if we can swap the entire door assembly from the Kenmore onto the Whirlpool.


Neither of the dishwasher forums I found ( and are much help for doing fully sikk custom machines brah.

Yep, it's a thrill a minute at the Tohru household.

EDIT: The roommate stepped on a screw from one of the agitators and poked a hole in his foot. Lacking proper supplies, we cleaned it with half a shotglass worth of Tito's Vodka and bandaged it up.