So I bought a turbo Miata for track time. It seemed to have all the good gear and all the right stuff to be turn-key ready. At $3,500 wearing R888's already this was a certified craigslist platinum deal.

Except now I’m dumb. Because The $3,500 is really more like $3,500 + Idiot Upgrade Money (That’s roughly the same as eleventy billion dollars).

In the short-time I’ve had the car I’ve:

- Gone through a set of new rotors and pads

- Felt the need for a larger radiator (better cooling)

- Re-Dyno Tuned the car for more power

- Had to reroute the coolant for better cooling (common miata problem)

- Gone through a set of R888's and now am on R888R’s

- Decided to paint the car

- Had the car corner balanced

- Reconfigured EGR/Boost guages

- Have installed a new solenoid boost controller

- 2X new air filters and plumbing (One fell off on track)

Unfortunately the list of “want to do” is now even longer too. A modified cars is like a Black-Hole of money. Once you’ve decided to go heavily modded the next mod is just “icing”.


Its like the first tattoo. Pretty soon you’re full blown Mike Tyson face.

Oh well - at least its fun. And I have no tattoos yet....