Model 3 vs. M3 at Thunderhill

1.9 second difference on a standing start hot lap, but said he didn’t get a good start in the M3, and he had oversteer on the first corner, AND he had a redo in the Tesla because he went off on the first go. Come on... glad they did this test, but use a real driver and try to at least get some kind of comparable result between the two (even if you are going to give the Tesla the advantage of a standing start). Obvious that Top Gear knew the headline/cover they wanted before they even started.

“Ah, that’s fairly comprehensive, then.” GTFAC

Personally, I think that it’s great that the Model 3 outperforms the M3, regardless of how flawed this comparison is. Competition is great for us enthusiasts, and it will make all the cars in this class even better.

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