In my littlish Midwestern community.

Some random observations

1. I have no idea what sales figures are, but I am seeing a lot of their blank faced stares as I drive around


2. Electric cars are quiet, I was almost murdered today by a combination of inattentive Prius driver in e-mode and inattentive walking me.

3. Free charging stations—I noticed one for the first time in a city owned parking garage yesterday. I am the cheapest guy on the planet, and also old, so $40 dollar fill ups really grate. The idea of parking your car and getting a free refill almost makes the cheap me giddy. The philosophy major me says what if everybody drove electric? The gravy train has to end at some point, will be interesting to see what that point might be.

4. Charging stations part II—I only saw one type of plug—is that universal? Or would I need separate plugs in my garage if I buy a Fisker EMotion and a Leaf?