These are currently my favorite kind of pants. I have several pairs in different colors. Recently I ordered some more, in the same exact style, size (inseam, waist) type, and everything, and when I tried them on, something didn’t seem right. I could actually tell as I was unfolding them, that something was up.

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Both are 33 x 32 “slim fit” and the same type of pants. Ideally, I’m 31 inseam, but 30's and 32's can both fit, depending. I have pants in both 33x30 and 33x32 from them; I thought I had my size dialed in with this particular company but clearly something changed.


If you can get your size dialed in though, and want pants that are pretty tough but still nice enough to wear with a collared shirt tucked in and not look like someone who just walked in from the coal mines, Mountain Khakis are pretty dope. I wore Carhartts religiously for years, and then regular “dress” khakis to work. These things do both, and are amazing once they’re broken in. My office isn’t super formal, and I’m not using these as a substitute for kevlar chaps running a chain saw. But anyway, they’re sweet if you can get them to fit.

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