Any model railroaders among us?

When my dad passed away several years ago I inherited quite a few S gauge trains and a selection of track pieces as well. Now that I have a basement that isn’t stuffed full of stuff I’d like to build a layout.


Anyone here know any good online sources for layout ideas? I’m hoping to find something small that can be built with a single sheet of plywood as a base. I am considering cutting the plywood into some form of shape where it’ll be more of an L shape tucked into a corner of the basement, but I need to check the minimum radius for turns in the track to be sure that’ll work.

In terms of scenery I’m going to keep things fairly simple to start. I will probably just layout roadways and the track on a “grass” base to start and slowly look into adding buildings down the road.

Anyone here have a layout they’d be interested in sharing?

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