Modern Brakes are Awesome

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Here’s a picture of my autozone brake rotors on my race Integra Type R. The rotors are 6 races old and cost $35 each. They have worn over that time maybe a 16th inch. The cobalt pads are 4 races old and have 50% material left.


These front brakes pull down my 2700 pound car from 110 to 50 mph without complaint every lap. At Road America, I brake at the 2 marker in turn 5.

In comparison, my first VW Rabbit race car chewed up a set of pads a weekend and could get hardly get over 90 mph on the track. In a Rabbit at RA, I was braking at about the 3 and 1/2 marker. Modern brakes are unbelievable compared to what we had in the ‘80's....

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