While I was reading David Tracy’s experience with a Volkswagen Polo a while back, he mentioned how base models don’t get an infotainment screen. And I was mindblown! The idea that any car designed in the current age would be available without any screen or even a radio couldn’t comprehend with my mind. Than I rushed to the Volkswagen site to the Polo configurator and found...nothing. You have to get it with a radio. Then I tried the German site, and there it was!

A car, designed and sold from 2017, with no radio! Which will soon be a weird sight in the US with mandated backup camera laws. Yeah, alot of these super base model trims seem to be be German only, I guess that’s why I never heard of them before. Not just because VW is German, the UK built (*ahem*) Civic hatchback for example comes with touchscreens as standard in England, France and Spain, but Germany you can get it with no screen. There may be more, but hey, I’m not going to check. Also, I found that’s also the case with Japan, a ton of JDM cars have the infotainment as an option. Anyways, here’s what I found. This is not a comprehensive list, just a decently sized selection. Oh yeah, and Porsche is way too easy.

Volkswagen up!

The up! is one of the few modern cars without any option for a screen whatsoever, but this is still weird looking.

Volkswagen Sharan

Nearly skipped past this one, it actually looks as if they removed the double din and forgot to replace it.


Audi A1

I thought not even the German Big 3 would stoop so low, but for the ultimate badge snob, your chariot is waiting.

Opel Astra

What a weird shape. Interestingly, the smaller cheaper Adam, Karl and Corsa models don’t have such option.


smart fortwo

It’s a frog! I appreciate the fact they bothered to design a cubby for such a weirdly shaped dash.

Fiat 500

Thanks to Because Racecar, A Specialist With a Deadly Skill’s. I originally missed this one. It looks like it hasn’t loaded in fully yet.


Fiat Panda

Look at that great gaping hole! That’s ama-oh that’s the, umm passenger dash. The Panda is another one of them cars with no touchscreen option even if you wanted to.

Ford Ka+



Ford Fiesta

It looks like someone removed the screen, leaving the base it screws onto.

Citroën C3

Doesn’t that steering wheel scream premium!


Renault Twingo

Coulda used up all that space, but nah! Let’s just have half!

Renault Captur

This is not the right time for contrasting colours!


Dacia Duster

Update: HOW COULD I FORGET! You’d think Dacia would be the first brand you’d check, but I completely forgot.

Honda Civic

Something’s missing here.


Mitsubishi Mirage


Subaru Impreza

2 out of 3 displays isn’t bad I guess....


Subaru WRX

I wasn’t sure whether to look at the base models or the higher performance specs for this one. Surprised this was never offered any where else, screen deletes make sense in performance cars after all.

Subaru Legacy

Ugly as it is, nice of those that leave the empty space as a cubby, instead of covering it with a plastic plate. Cheaper too!


Suzuki Ignis

This has got to be one of the most egregious ones. It’s literally a piece of useless plastic slapped on the dash.

Toyota Aygo

Ooh! A shelf! Luxury! Seriously, this interior is abysmal looking, and I don’t take that lightly.


Toyota Yaris

Anyone for KitKat?

Toyota Prius

The electric hybrid with no electrics.


Toyota Camry

i like the juxtaposition here.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Seriously, UN spec plastic grille and steelie Land Cruiser GX models in Oceania come with a standard radio, what’s going on here!


Toyota 86

You may have heard of this one, the 86 RC, aimed at tuners.