I’ve actually written on Oppo how I don’t think all the complexities of modern cars is something to truly groan about. Modern cars are pretty great in just about every way, and they tend to be extremely reliable for many years. I feel at least a little qualified to make a comparison as I vary between a 2003 BMW, a 2012 Volvo, and a 1961 Ford as daily drivers.

But today, our 2012 Volvo was in the shop for a replacement of the radiator anti-tamper sensor, yes that’s a thing, and the part that goes into the radiator broke. Coolant leaking. Long story short, it needs a new radiator. The shop is being apologetic and also very reasonable about this, but let’s back up a second. This is all because the car has a sensor to determine the genuine Volvo-ness of the radiator, and the sensor, not the radiator, failed. Now we’re without the car for probably the weekend while we wait for the part to come in.


This, right as we JUST sold my wife’s car, so we’re down to the ‘03 wagon and the ‘61 Ford as our only vehicles, while yesterday we had the Volvo and the ‘07 X3. Funny how that works. Mind you, I truly cannot complain about having four vehicles being whittled down to two, but still. This thing with the Volvo just.... why. Why!