List your car and all the modifications you've done to it, because why not.

2000 Buick LeSabre Limited

Visual modifications:

Matte black Plasti-Dip

Red autozone pinstripe

Rustoleum "hammered metal" wheels

Rustoleum gloss black grille

All interior lights replaced with red LEDs (8 in total)

Four red LED strips in trunk replacing the piss-yellow dim stock light


ZZP1.0 PCM/tune

13" length K&N air filter

Resonator delete, muffler delete

Cherry bomb glasspack

3" I.D. tailpipe

Rear air shocks replaced with 150PSI "towing/hauling" units

Body level sensor disabled to force full inflation of air suspension, stiffening them

Foot-operated parking brake rachet defeated with a rubber band

Oppo sticker +25hp