Our black little Soul has been consuming oil quite greedily lately. I tried switching to full synthetic to stem the black tide but to no apparent affect. Next I installed an oil catch can between the pcv and intake.

Ordered this kit of Amazon:

It’s so shiny! Dig that metal flake.


Decided to install it here on this bolt. The can doesn’t weigh much so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Bracket fits here just fine.


The whole assembly in place just need to plumb it now.

The red line shows the old routing and the blue will be the new tubing. The kit came with some fly blue tubing.


From PCV to the can.


From can to intake. Had to use one of the step up adapters included in the kit to fit onto the larger nipple at the intake. The kit came with clear tubing but I cut a bigger piece from tubing I already had. I also had to use one of my own pipe clamps as the kit only came with 5.

Here it is all installed before I put the engine cover on.