For a whole year I promised not to buy anything for my car, I stopped myself from even hanging out with the guys that mod their Z's because it was just too damn tempting. The car is expensive enough as it is, why spend more money on it?

Fast forward a year from then, and here I am getting frantically checking the tracking information of the stuff I ordered. Ordering tools, doing even more research on more parts and tunes, etc.

Pictured: Stanley Tool set purchased from amazon

So how did I end up spending even more money on it? Well I can safely say it is thanks to Oppo. While a member of this community (and granted, a lot of life experiences in the last few months as well) I've learned a lot, and among the most important things is to love who you are and what you want. More particularly, to be happy. This brought about a series of changes in my personal life that made me remember how much I love cars and how happy they make me, how happy they make people.


Pictured: A friend and I at AutoX

So I took it upon myself to become the car-nut my dad remembers me to be, the kid who used to make exhaust noises through straws just for fun..


After spending a while doing some research and waiting for the best financial moment, I pulled the trigger on my first two mods for Tasha:

The first one being the shift knob, and it was already a slight frustration. When I ordered it I also opted in for the 3-day Manufacturing and express shipping, which all together put the build + delivery time at less than a week. That was The monday before Thanksgiving. Fast forward to last night, after multiple emails to the manufacturer and delayed delivery from USPS.. I finally got it last night. So of course, like a kid in Christmas, I run outside to try and install it. Just to find out the Nissan department who assembled that particular piece, were the biggest jerks I've ever met. There was so much lock-tite on the threads, I ended up destroying the old shifter in order to get it off. I literally spent 45 minutes trying to get it off, ended up using a towel and vice grip for 20 minutes and wrestled with it until I was able to unscrew the original one. So worth the hassle. Now it feels different, it feels new, it feels mine.


So of course, I couldn't stop at just a shift knob. Before that even arrived, I ended up ordering an exhaust. Which thanks to my luck was also delayed. The manufacturer rang me up the day they were supposed to ship it, telling me the one unit they had in stock had a defect so they had to manufacture another one. Great. Waiting, again. They say it'll be a week more; that was two weeks ago.

So now this sits in my living room, waiting for me to install it... calling my name... but I has no tools!! Since I moved from AZ to KC with just what I was able to fit into the car, I had absolutely no space for tools. Now here I am waiting for tomorrow to come around so I can spend my afternoon getting dirty, on the floor, with a pal, working on a car.


And while all of this was happening, I ended up getting a G27 wheel for some racing games, and I'm building a rig with a buddy of mine so we can race online together. All because we share the passion for something that isn't even a living being, because we enjoy the act of driving just for the drive.

TL;DR: Thank you Oppo for reminding me that cars are a true source of joy which become family, and for being such a friendly place to talk about these things without prejudice or feeling like someone is always trying to up you. Enjoy your ride, it's yours. Do you. Love the beast, I know I do.