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Mods are probably awake by now, but I started this post when they were asleep: post jackfruit recipes

BBQ “Pulled Pork” Sliders

You need:

> 2-15oz cans of green jackfruit

> 1 pkg pulled pork seasoning

> BBQ sauce (optional)

> Olive oil (optional)

> Apple cider vinegar (optional)

> Hawaiian sweet rolls


> Cole slaw

> Dill pickle chips


Drain, rinse, & shred jackfruit. Looks vaguely like chicken or pork. Preferably, place it into a gallon-size plastic bag, but it’s not a requirement.


Add pulled pork seasoning, or somethong similar.

Add some BBQ sauce, ACV, and olive oil (all optional, i just like doing it this way).

Seal and place in fridge to marinate. How long? I let it sit overnight, but most places say a half hour is fine.


When marinating is done, empty jackfruit into skillet over low heat. You don’t need to cook the jackfruit, just heat it up.

Meanwhile, lightly warm Hawaiian sweet rolls, split and add butter.

Place a healthy dollop of warmed jackfruit onto bottom of sweet roll, top with a pickle chip and some cole slaw, and top of bun.


Serve with kettle chips and cheap beer.

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