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This person has been baiting myself and possibly others via throwaway accounts. I deleted a baiting comment from this same individual that was left on my post from this morning, and came back to Oppo just now to find that he had commented this on some older post of mine. Looking at the comment history, this person’s MO is obvious and I would not be surprised if they were doing the same thing to others via different accounts. I responded just this once and will delete soon. There have been other comments like this on my stuff in the last few weeks, also from accounts with zero or little history. A disturbing pattern.


Recently I snapped at a couple people. Again, I apologize for that. On the surface it appeared as though internet bro hugs were exchanged and all was good. But maybe not? I don’t really care, they say you know you’re doing something right if you’ve got haters ;) but just in case this man child is trolling other people too, I felt the need to post a heads up.

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