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Of all the 4 wheel drive cars Carmax had to offer, they picked a Dodge Journey?


Backstory: On Jan 1 2013 my parents had a goal of buying a Volvo S60. Our Local Volvo dealerships (Stockton & Sacramento California) closes on holidays and sundays. Somehow they end up at a Ford dealership, and buy a used Ford Edge that’s too expensive.

My Parents had gone through multiple trips to car dealerships, ultimately driving home in the Ford Edge.


Back to now: I was really busy at work when my mom called me and told me they that just bought a Dodge Journey from Carmax. To further understand why this news made me angry, I work(ed) for a car dealership in San Francisco.

At this point I realized that I don’t understand my parents anymore. I mean good for them that they finally found a car they like, even though I would have advised them not to buy a Dodge Journey because the internet (And 2 years of valet parking jobs) tells me that the Dodge Journey sucks.


Their 2013 Journey has 4 wheel drive. Their journey does not have power seats, leather, bluetooth, parking sensors, heated seats, etc. To them, options like those reminded them of the ford edge they couldn’t afford. They purchased the Carmax warranty though.

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