Once again the Honda CRV has gotten weirder and uglier, and bigger...


Just look at the tumor on its back, I mean “taillight”

The front end kind looks okay, it looks like they are going the way if the facelifted Escape, more macho, but still soft. I almost want to like it for the front end, but the back makes no sense.Once again the tailights, and bottom of the rear window are too high up. The tailight protrude out of the body, a trend that I noticed with the current Highlander, but I don’t really know where it started, I just know I want it to die.


Also the original CRV’s awesome vertical tailights are almost entirely gone.

These three spoke wheels are pretty neat, and I love the green in the doctored up press photo. But looking good in one press photo and looking good in real life are too different things.


So basically the CRV continues it downward spiral from ruggedish little truckster into “best selling crossover” boringness. C’set la vie.

Here’s some CRVs that don’t suck.