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Mom wants a convertible.

I was talking with my mom the other night and confessed to her that I bought that old '91 Celica convertible we discussed here in oppo a few weeks ago. She was actually pretty cool with it once I told her how much it was saving me in gas, and that it was being a great little reliable car. The one I had in the states was originally hers when new, so she already knew that it was a fun car.

So anyway, she then told me that she was also thinking about getting a convertible, but wasn't sure what to get. She's kinda narrowed it down to Mercedes or BMW, though she's open to other possibilities.


I, of course, want her to get a 280SL because they are just so classy and awesome, but unfortunately she wants something new.

I was looking at the options on the web, and though I'm usually not too big a fan of BMW, I have to say that 6 Convertible looks pretty nice.

What do you folks suggest? She's 68 (read: thirty-nine), occasionally has the grandkids, but never more than 2 at a time, and doesn't have a lead foot, so the high-performance editions are overkill. Sorry, M Series. :(

She is a driver, however, and roadtrips beyond the DC metro area are not out of the question, and actually quite common.


What should we have her consider?

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