It’s an older iPhone 5. Battery not lasting long and heating up whilst in use. She doesn’t see any signs of the screen popping up from the battery ballooning like I experienced with mine. I know Apple still has a recall on these and I’ve asked for the serial number so I can check it; the folks are on vacation in Fiji right now and have limited Internet access. (checked - not eligible under the recall, but I know the Apple store has been very good to me over the years when it comes to defective devices).

Has anyone changed the battery in one of these? I did that job in my 4S and it was pretty easy, but the cheap battery wasn’t much better than the original; changing the battery on a 3G iPod Touch was a nightmare by comparison (the patient didn’t survive the surgery). Is it worth it to take it somewhere and spend $60 for a new battery, installed, or is it time for a replacement phone? I figure that an SE would serve her well for a number of years.


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