This weekend they run the Grand Prix of Monaco. An event for cutting edge Formula One racing cars held in a small fishing village. While the cars develop quickly not much has changed about the track. Sure, they have added a few chicanes and more fencing, but the bones are the same. To give you a taste of Monaco over the years I have combed youtube for videos in 10 year steps back to 1933. Most of the videos are onboards, so you can get a good view of the track. One thing that hasn't changed over the years is that this is a track that makes the drivers work and you can see that in these videos. The first video is of Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari during practice this year.

2003 - Ralph Schumacher - BMW Williams

1993 - Senna - Prost - Schumacher

1983 - Prost - Renault F1

1973 - Driver and Car unknown, but Jackie Stewart commentating

1963 Monaco Race Summary

1953 No race held

1943 No race held

1933 Monaco Race Summary

Finally, here is a video of "The Maestro", Juan Manuel Fangio, taking one of the 1956 Lancia-Ferraris around Monaco. The video appears to be part of a later documentary as the cars in the background don't match the vintage of the race car. Still, it is entertaining to see Fangio show his drivers kit and safety gear.