Monday Morning Quarterbacking Some Super Bowl Car Ads


The ad itself looked great, what with all the racing goodness. Surprised to see an actual track accident in an ad. But… that song. You do know that song does not at all have a happy ending, right? We're supposed to believe the kid is going to be okay because Dad picks him up in what is apparently a new Maxima. The feels are strong (again, that song), and it makes me grateful for the relationship I have with my Dad and relationship I hope I'm developing with my son.


The best comment about that new Maxima?

"CVT Shame Mobile"

Chevy Colorado

So, Chevy needs to make itself feel good by comparing the Colorado to a five-year old Corolla, a thirteen-year old Civic, and a moped. Seems legit. At least the pre-game ad for their 4G LTE Wi-Fi was good.



A really good effort, and the guy at the end throwing devil horns was outstanding, not to mention the word "bitching" in a network ad. Needed more hooning. Also, that ad is from last April, celebrating Dodge's 100th anniversary. Seems like an odd - or maybe safe? - way to spend $4.5M.



Not bad, and I dig the car. But that jump at the end was just terrible, on par with the half-assed CGI used when launching Nicolas Cage and Eleanor on that bridge in Long Beach. On the flipside, super props to AMG for putting a Star on the clutch pack.

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