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i have to do a conference call on a very messed up piece of litigation that became disastrous after a nightmarishly wrong decision by a judge. My client has two choices: Pay more money than they would ever want to pay to settle, or continue to litigate and let my team and me get creative to push back on this. I have a plan, but it is one of uncertain outcome. Monterey County is the worst court in the state by a wide margin.


I have to meet with my office manager to go over employee reviews, which start this week. I also hate this, because it is hard to tell people where they are falling short. Raises and bonuses are also a big expense, and deciding what people are worth is also very difficult. I try very hard to compensate fairly, but I am also a big believer in accountability. Ugh.

I have to work on a powerpoint for next week’s trip to Reno, where I don’t want to go. I don’t drink or gamble, and Toby can’t go, so the thing is a big strikeout for me in terms of fun. I also don’t get paid for the trip, because marketing. The conference sponsor is picking up my hotel which is nice, and the group is dairy and livestock people, who are among my very favorite people of all. Some old friends will be there who have had my back during recent turmoil (a story I have not told on Oppo), so that will be nice.


I also get to have a conference call with a client who has an employee who lives on their ranch whose wife is batshit crazy. She copes with being batshit crazy by being a drug addict. She has threatened to burn down the house more than once, and on one occasion started a small fire. Law enforcement has visited the home a few times to protect her husband and children from her. We re trying to work with the employee, but his wife is a threat to everyone around her and has to go. Fun, fun, fun.

Happy Monday everyone!

This song seems quaint based on the developments of the last 30 years.

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