Gonna whine on Oppo because I swear this morning is some sort of comedy slapstick screenplay or some fucking shit. I woke up, ate, went out to the Miata, popped a new fuse in the headlight circuit, and it blew as soon as I turned on the lights. Awesome, now I gotta pull the wiring harness for the lights and look for shorts. Fan-fucking-tastic. It also means I can’t drive the Miata. Can’t drive the Buick either, since I finally got it home and it isn’t registered yet. That leaves the Mustang, meaning I have to go put gas in it. Swell. Grab my coffee cup, grab my keys, and forget to grab my CD of music to listen to, dooming me to a 40 minute commute of nothing but obnoxious commercials and shitty reception. Get to work, bump my coffee cup wrong when taking it out of the cupholder and spill 4 day old coffee all over the tan passenger seat cloth of the car I’m trying. To. Fucking. Sell. Grab the rest of my shit and hurry inside, drop and break my favorite coffee cup on the way, steal some interior fabric cleaner from work and dump it on the seat and spazz out on it with a rag in hopes of soaking up most of the coffee so it doesn’t stain.

Get to work and the shop manager says that some vehicles pictures disappeared from the website and tries to blame me saying it’s going to cost $80 to drive them back over here so I can take pictures again and blah blah blah and now some massive inflamed anus has parked a car in my photo booth and run off with the keys while I’m massively behind on cars.


Fuckin shit.

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