So I started disassembly of my heads. It’s a mixed bag.

cardboard box organizer! thanks interwebs! better than the plastic junk I bought.

one of the ties that holds the rocker arms together snapped just from me loosening the bolt. bad casting or metal fatigue, doesn’t matter. I haven’t looked if I can get these because it scares me.


My dad has been helping me clean these up, some of the parts are looking super.


I havent gotten to clean this yet, but some pushrods look pitted:

I got one of my heads off, realized I had nowhere to put it, and put it back on. Hence, no pictures. My cylinders look great, although some crud fell in when I pulled it. Have to figure a way to get that out now.


So I did some soul searching. Because this project is taking way longer than I anticipated, and I have so many options for completion that I can’t decide between, I have decided on completing this as cheaply as possible. Not to say that I won’t be able to get this done, but engine rebuilding is definitely not my jam. I know I am giving myself more work later, since I should have the money next summer to get the engine professionally redone, but not a ton of aftermarket upgrades. So I feel like I should just cut my losses and try to slap it back together. At least I can say I did it.