Money wasted

One should not shop on eBay when tired.

I just won an eBay auction on a dual-tuner TV tuner card. I thought I did my homework and bought the right card, but today I noticed that it does indeed have two tuners - one ATSC and one NTSC. Fat lotta good that does me since there aren’t any NTSC signals these days; I thought it was dual ATSC. Not only that, but seconds after I placed my bid I found another auction with the same card with a BIN price the same as I paid for the one I won and no shipping.


Yea, I'm feeling kind of stupid right now, but I'm going to go ahead and complete my purchase and live with my mistake. No point in trying to weasel out of it. We're only taking about $20 and change, so it's not going to break me (I hope - things are kind of lean these days with lots of doctors appointments and one whole hour of PTO...)

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