So...Big-o dented my hood by closing it with a socket on my intake (oops) and as a result I’ve due some repairs or monies. I am opting for the monies since its a small dent and the autobody shop advised against trying to color math the paint.

With that being said, it looks like $670 may be coming my way in the near future and now I have a problem...what do I do with said monies? To solve this dilemma I’ve decided to take a page from the DeMuro handbook and solicit your advice, carefully tally the voices and then do whatever I want regardless.

So here are the things I was thinking about:

ARB fridge $835 - 100 (rent to own program) = $735


Slee shortbus or other front bumper - $800-$1000

New front seat leather and foam - ~$500-700


Parts and Stuff - $670+

Wise investments in pork bellies and widgets - $670