Monkee Makes Mistakes

so, in my ongoing confessional of my weekend car based errors, here’s a tale about how a no good deed going unpunished

my wife’s parents are an infinite fount of generosity; watching my kids, recently they lent me their car while I was car shopping, and in particular many times they have driven me to the airport.


During the time the lent me their car I noticed the temp control knob was malfunctioning, and having just returned the favour of driving THEM to the airport for once I knew I had a week where I could fix their temp control knob and be the glorious son in law they always dreamed of.

Oh how I just imagined them reporting that their knob now worked, and how neat that was, and the sly grin I would get as I reported “oh it was nothing, I totally fixed that while you were out of town, perhaps you should buy my kids a puppy”


So I park their car in their garage, remove the whole climate control radio centre console thing and take it to my place.

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Fast forward to 1 day later. Their actual son (not this now garbage son in law) turns up to feed the dog. Notices their car is parked weird, looks inside and see A THEFT!!! SOMEONE HAS BROKEN IN AND STOLEN THE STEREO FROM A 13 YEAR OLD TOYOTA HIGHLANDER!!!

He calls Mom, someone calls the police, the mother in law calls me ( I miss the call because I’m test driving a POS civic), she then calls my wife, the wife calls me ( I miss the call because I’m test driving a POS civic), wife texts “CALL ME ASAP”.


I call back the mother in law, crisis is averted. but then I have to call the wife, and the father in law, and the brother in law and just generally tell everyone I’m a moron.

Also, I havent fixed the damned knob. here’s hoping I CAN actually fix it, or this will just be the ultimate in shame.



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