oh ’ello, what’s this I see in my driveway

so many M logos

small (it was the x3 not the x5), hatchbacky, BASICALLY the same as my little RuqSaq

in what we all assume is just a long con sales ploy, my sister in law was given this overpowered M toy as a loaner while her more generic X3 was have some repairs


“repairs? pfft, why not just trade yours in and buy this M version? it’s all so logical” ~ the BMW sales guy (probably)

then, to keep everything european, I spent my day tearing down a friend’s Golf’s driver’s seat


you can see it right?


this tiny failure that stopped the whole seat heater to not function

of course repair was a simple COMPLETE tear down and replacement. :D

and then, I rewarded myself for a job well done (the seat heater of course worked after reassembly) by meeting a CL stranger to get a new seat mount for my as yet unacquired seat for project RuqSaq, making my interior parts acquisition nearly complete


These integra passenger and rear seats will join a prelude centre console and some form or racing style fixed seat to refresh my tired ‘93 civic ultra base model interior.

I think the only thing I don’t like is that the integra seat’s pattern continues onto the headrest, I’d prefer it was dark grey. a problem I may be able to solve with some swapping.