This is going to be the first post about my big ass motorcycle road trip. Just fun and interesting stats in here. Photos will be in later posts. Enjoy!

Not planned, no filter, and taken from inside my tent while sitting on my ass. Complete luck.

Total miles: 6113.8

Percentage of riding NOT done on interstates: 75%

Most miles between gas stops: 172

Gas mileage: 48.2

Number of national parks hit: 6

Number of tires replaced: 1

Number of break downs: 0

Miles ridden off pavement: 200+

Total days: 18

Nights camped: 5

Number of buffalos seen: 2 herds, at least 100 individuals

Number of deer seen: over 20

Coldest temperature ridden in: 36F

Hottest temperature ridden in: 106F

Strongest wind ridden in: 70+mph, with heavy rain

Number of bears seen: 0

Number of antelope seen: 20+

Favorite national forest: Inyo and Big Horn

Favorite national park: all of them

Highest elevation reached: approximately 12,000ft

Number of mosquito bites: approximately 25

Average miles per riding day: 400

Minutes spent in front of a TV: 0

Favorite towns: Leadville, CO, Hurricane, UT, Truckee, CA

Favorite state to ride through: CO

Biggest regret: no time for Zion

Number indicating if I would do it again: 10/10

Summary: coolest thing I’ve ever done but I wish I could’ve spent a week in every national park and forest.

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