Biggest news: we have carpet! Ok, we’ll back up a bit. I started by adding some sound deadening, basically a much cheaper butyl based dynamat knockoff. I wasn’t looking for lexus quiet, just quieter, so I think this was a good start. On top of that, I added a layer of closed-cell foam as a decoupling layer for the mass loaded vinyl bonded to the carpet. This is what it looked like late in the evening.

And then we were ready to get carpet in!


And start cutting holes for the seat bolts, floor vents, etc.

And begin adding back in the interior trim!  You probably can’t see, but the holes for the seat mounts are pretty large.  The old carpet was really flat, no thickness to it, no backing, etc. so the seats just sat really low.  With the extra sound deadening layers, I was afraid that the seats would sit too far up, and have too much material to properly attach, so I cut the bolt holes for the whole foot of the mount.  This might have been a mistake in the sound department, but I feel it was the right call for safety.


Also took a moment to work on banging out the dent in the rear blister fender. I was not looking to make it perfect, just better than it was. I succeeded.


Stalled out on getting the interior fully back together because the rear speakers are enclosed under the rear trim, so I had to take a detour and get the 6x9's swapped out for a set of Infinity Reference 6.5" components.  They’re mounted, just waiting to go back in.  Also, I need to get sound material on the door skins and get plastic back up there.

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