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Montego Garage Day

Well I was in the garage for the majority of yesterday, thought it was about time to hang some license plates up on the wall!

As you can see my toolbox gained some OPPO horsepower recently. It also features a giant Ford sticker, Flowmaster, Summit, and Tuff Stuff (Performance Water Pump). Also featured is the MY GARAGE. My Toys, My Tools, My Rules sign that my Mother in Law gave me.


I had the Montego up on the Ramps, still seeking out my coolant leaks, did some gunk removal from under the engine though, it’ll help see where the coolant is actually coming from.

I also did oil changes on the Commander and Milan, it was crazy windy out there so I was chasing the oil stream with the oil pain the whole time, but I made good time and got 2 full synthetic oil changes with upgraded filters for 33 bucks. On Sale plus my $20 credit accumulated made it so I basically robbed Advance for oil changes.

What did you guys work on this weekend?

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