Hey guys, I was gone for over a week.

(Representative image from http://www.stingrayboats.com/products/model… ours has a blue stripe anyhow!)

I'm still alive (and my only injury is some sunburns). We visited family down in South Carolina for a whole week so I kind of disappeared.


I feel like I drove a lot of different vehicles in a week. So here's a list to prove the point lol.


2007 Mercury Milan

2008 Jeep Commander

2001 Dodge Durango

1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

2009 Chevy Silverado 1500

And I rode in (and let my 1.5 year old son "drive" instead of me lol) a 2009 23DR Stingray boat (Yeah Chevy Small Block I/O!)


I truly enjoy driving the Durango, it's what I learned to drive on and it's a cool truck. The Grand Marquis I spent the most time in and for being a 92 that car is still fucking awesome. Just a cool cruiser. Barely drove the Silverado, but it still counted lol. We own the Milan and Commander I drive them all the time.

Sun burn from a great round of Golf while down there (not the ride on the boat interestingly enough).

Oh, and we bought a new garage for the Montego which has a 4 bedroom house attached to it!!


Man it's been busy.

What did I miss with you guys here on OPPO?

***Car Cruise in Wayne, MI this Saturday! Contact me for details, the MONTEGO will be roaring around town!***