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Montego Project Updates!

Well everyone, the 68 Montego left the garage for the first time in 6 months on Monday morning!

It drove great! But I'm getting ahead of myself.


Step one was to check all fluids, it's a 1968 and it's been stationary for 6 months, it's always good to check.

Oil? Perfect level, needs a change tho, it's dirty...but it's all there! And that's an accomplishment in itself.

Coolant? Low...typical. Filled up.

Brakes? low...filled up.

Power Steering? Had to check when hot- perfect, clean and full

Trans Fluid? Had to check when hot- perfect again!

Now you guys know why I keep all these fluids in my trunk at all times.

Biggest leap to take Monday morning was the fact that I haven't been able to start it with a key because of a bum neutral safety switch. I'm going to have to do some minor engineering to make the replacement NSS fit my car so I needed a temp solution, I hard wired it for now (505Turbeaux will be SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS PART), that's what's pictured above. My friend took that picture while he was waiting for me to finish re-wiring under the dash, key knees/legs sticking up from drivers seat haha.


So with that taken care of we were off! Had to fill the tires, put in some fresh gas and then it roared around town like it hadn't been parked for 6 months, more like 6 hours.

Only problem is I'm still having valve cover gasket issues. Oil's leaking out, I'm not sure if I should just re-do the gaskets (AGAIN) or get new valve covers (which I want anyhow for a style change).


We'll see this was still just it's first time out. Hoping to take it out on Saturday again, supposed to be nice!

Bonus pics:


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