Alright, a lot of you may know I’m planning to sell the Montego now. Which is sad but it’s opening up a space in the garage for a rally X car which is going to be all kinds of fun.

So on Sunday the Porsche Tamer himself, K-Roll, stopped down and was helping me try and get it going.

1968 Mercury Montego MX, 2014 Focus ST, and 2007 Mercury Milan - FoMoCo Party!

We failed.

After spending about 30 minutes trying to jump it with both the Milan, the FoST, and even a friendly neighbors booster pack wouldn’t get it to even attempt a turn over. With the battery tender on I could tell I was almost at 80% battery which should have been more than enough to start it.

I pulled the starter off and went to Advance - it failed. OK order me a new one, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

1968 Mercury Montego MX Starter Install

Fast forward to Tuesday night when I installed the new Starter. Put in new starter, hook everything up nice and easy (It’s only 2 bolts and a wire). Turn the key and....nothing. Shit. Turn the key about 50 times....nothing.

As I was about to give up my wife came out side to see how it was going. I told her it was still dead, nothing was working. I said I’ll try one more time then I’ll push it back in and come inside. Turned the key and I heard the tiniest attempt to turn over. We both looked at each other and said “that’s promising.” So I tried again and after cranking for a few minutes (and me stopping to give it a break) then cranking again it fired up! For the first time in almost a year it was running.

Older Picture, but it looks exactly the same on ramps.

Alright here we are at Wednesday night now. I pick up some antifreeze and a nice over sized funnel and I’m going to try and burp the radiator and get all the air out, I’m hoping this’ll solve the overheating issue. Turn the key to start it so I can put it up on ramps so I can get the radiator as the highest point. Moment of truth - and it starts up faster than my modern Mercury Milan. It was instant and running.


So I get the radiator side of things all ready to go and I’m going to turn it on to make sure I’m set and....nothing. Won’t start. Back to the not even trying to turn over. No chance, no luck, nothing. Ended up having to push off ramps and push back into garage.

Any thoughts on what it could be? I’m thinking maybe Distributor Cap/Rotor? I’ve never updated that on the car. Giving I’m trying to sell it do we think I should upgrade to a better one or just leave it stock? I doubt I’ll re-coup my costs by upgrading. I’m trying to find and fix this problem cheaply and quickly to get it listed so I can shop for a Rally X car.

Engine pic just because it’s fun - 302 V8

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