So as you guys know I bought these wheels the other day:

Well it turns out the random little spare tire/wheel I got with the package (remember I only paid $100 for the whole set of 5) is a diamond in the rough:


Yeah that little guy over there, doesn’t look like much.

Here’s a close up (with bad lighting, where was that garage lighting post from yesterday.....?)

Well I guess this is the proper spare for a Boss or Shelby Mustang from 1969 or so.


Thought I might get a bit more for it, but I just accepted an offer for $200 (and they pay for shipping) after surfing sold ebay deals the condition of mine shouldn’t get more than that anyhow and I don’t have to deal with fees or annoying people on Craigslist.

That means I just got made $100 bucks by buying a set of wheels.


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