So despite fighting me on getting to the show (will explain further down), I took the Montego to it's first legit show with judging and all that. I was no where near in the running for any prizes but I was shocked to find 2 Ford Torinos, though of course there was not another Mercury Montego.

All the Torino guys were obsessed with the Montego due to not ever being up close to check one out, there happened to be a 1968 Torino owner who was amazed how identical the cars were under the hood (down to the stickers).

Stubborn Montego didn't want to actually attend the show apparently. I've had issues with the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS) in the past. For instance, it only started in Neutral for almost the whole time I've owned it. When it was at the mechanic recently I told him it only started in Neutral, not park. I didn't want him to fix it, just wanted him to know how to start the car. Well, he fixed it because he thought it would be safer (he knows I have an infant at home and didn't think it was safe for me to start in Neutral). All it took was some adjusting and it started in park. Fine, not a big deal. Then it became hit or miss to start in Park. Back to Neutral I went. Saturday I go into the garage to leave for the car show, it starts up perfect in Park and I drive to 7-11 for a soda. Leaving 7-11 aaaaand nothing, in any gear. Won't start.


I ended up jumping it under the hood so I could go to the show anyhow, but now I have to find a New Old Stock piece to put on it. Looks like I found one on ebay around $50 right now...I'm going to try and find one cheaper though.

Well, on to the fun part here's some pics of the Montego at the show!