Well, I was camping for almost a week, and that means I borrowed my brother in law's mildly lifted Ford Ranger (with oversized tires as well) to tow my in-law's camper. They are awesomely generous by letting us borrow it once a year for our annual camping trip.

Looks something like this googled image (but up a little higher and no running boards):

So we had a lot of fun (drank a lot of booze) and now I'm back to work.

What did I miss OPPO?

BTW - The Ranger was great and makes me really miss having a truck. Yes I took advantage of the big tires and mild lift with some very light offroading. It also impressed me that it was able to haul over 5000 pounds for over an hour with out the slightest bit of overheating. Good work little Ranger.