MontegoMan Might buy a Non-Mercury

I might actually buy a non-Mercury. It’s weird. For a road-vehicle I haven’t bought a non-Mercury for myself in close to a decade.

I was going to chase down a Mountaineer but it sold and a remarkably nice 2003 Yukon XL appeared. It’s a 2003 GMC Yukon XL 4x4 with about 105,000 miles. I’m making a choice to keep it car payment free and get something I can handle paying cash for which I’m sure will be supported by many on here lol.


I plan on going to see it tomorrow morning. The interior is just as clean. There’s a bit of surface rust starting to appear at the bottom of some of the doors, but with how cheap it is I could either leave it or get it repaired. With only 105k miles and looking like it has been babied, I can easily get 30-40k miles out of it as a daily driver. Oh, and they only are asking $6,600 for it. I’m sure the year is scaring off uninformed buyers.

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