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MontegoMan Needs Your Help!!!

Alright guys I'm in a parts situation here for the Montego.

I am in need of a new Neutral Safety Switch, it mounts on the steering column. Car details 1968 Mercury Montego MX 302 V8 with a C4 column shift transmission.

I'll include pictures of the part at the bottom. I've contacted a bunch of NOS Ford Parts dealers and they pretty much all have nothing. I'm dieing here guys!

The one I talked to tried to give me the wrong part, which is why I insist on pictures. Here's the info for part numbers I've been able to find.

Off the web I've found: D1PZ-7A247-A (Ford Part #) and SW868A (Motorcraft #)

Off the part from when I pulled it off the car this weekend I got: C8AA-7 A 247 - H (you'll see in the pictures).


Help if you can! Thanks guys!


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