What's the werd on the Ferd? (Ahem. Thanks Ramblin, don't know how I missed that golden opportunity). I've been DD'ing the new ride and compiling "The List." Where best to go for stock or proper lowering springs, exterior trim, a dash pad, uncracked steering wheel, interior kits, and so on? I also need some weatherstripping & firewall grommets. I've found front floor panels for 2 door cars that may work. I've found Dearborn Classics and a couple of other big outfits that seem to have fairly broad listings, but if my experience with other old stuff is anything to go by, there are probably great sources that fly under the great and powerful Google-dar. Looking toward the future and possible modifications (if I keep it long enough), and as far as mechanical parts interchangeability, what other models can I look to? I won't be taking this apart for restoration, but am looking to make some improvements without breaking the bank or taking the car off the road for any extended period of time. Thanks for any assistance & information you can provide.