MontegoMan's Water Toys are Laughing at Him!

Remember when I started the last post out with them being fixed “For now.”?

Ha. Hahahahaha. The Fanny Pack Duo mocks me.

The Polaris (aka Fanny) needs a top end rebuild. I just got around to the compression test on it last night. When I did the test when we first bought them it was at 120, 120, 70. I knew it wasn’t great. I also mentioned in the last post that my wife told me the warning light was blinking which is what led me to do another test.


This time it was 120, 100, 50. So I’m going to do the top end before I have to replace the whole motor on this one. As of now Fanny is in dry dock until the repair is complete.

It’s just under $400 for a new complete top end from SBT (SBT is the leader in PWC engine parts and who I got the motor for the Yamaha (aka Pack) from). The only question now is .5, 1.0, or 1.5 overbore. No price difference and it’s all coming as a clean set of new cylinders and pistons that match each other. I’m also going to be doing the oil block off kit on this one when I do the top end to remove the risk of a random seized oil pump destroying my investment.

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