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MontegoMan's Water Toys - UH OH

So I got around to doing a compression test, the Polaris (Fanny) is probably fine, but the Yamaha (Pack) is.....destroyed. 1 cylinder had 145 and the other had literally zero. No compression at all. Fannt is a bit low on the rear cylinder (it rear out at 120, 125, 75), but a tank of gas/oil may clear that up - I’ll be keeping a close eye on it. It still has some compression on that cylinder so it may be smart to do the piston rings on it. Still researching that step.

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So last night I opened it up. Join me on this journey:


Well, with some great advice I’m looking into having it professionally rebuilt or purchasing a remanufactured engine, both options come with a warranty.

It’s a good thing I only used about 50% of my budget purchasing them.

You know the policy - if it goes on the water - IT BREAKS. Thankfully I planned accordingly, still sucks though.


Purchase post below:

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