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Month 2 of living in Memphis...

Ive quickly determined this is quite an oasis for the donk community. Along with the bro truck community coming in a close second place. The stance dudes are getting left in the dust! They are around, but not in the numbers the donks and bros. They are far fewer in numbers than what ive seen on the east coast... at least so far.

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Good news is motorcycles seem to be more than alive and well down here. People are regularly riding in the winter. Which I did myself not that long ago.

And one more thing i love about living in the south. (Aside from sweet tea and bbq)


My snow shovel is collecting dust. Lots and lots of dust! My back and soul are happy.

Anyways, i havent been around here much. I started my new job in memphis the beginning of this month and have picked up pretty much full time hours at ~40 a week, which is great! and a 30 minute commute, which isnt terrible honestly. But i dont have much time for internet posting like my last job allowed for. I guess we all grow up and into different things.

Ill make sure i get a pic of my lude on beale street at some point. It will be a quick tag and bag mission cause i dont wanna spend a lot of time down town...

I hope all is well for the rest my fellow opponauts.

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