Monthly Muscle // April 2nd 2016

Sometimes I like to take a departure of the Cars and Coffee show and go to a smaller local show that always has high quality domestic cars attending. The show is judged by the organizers and that is probably preferable to other shows where there is participant judging. If you roll up with a significant amount of your group you end up walking away with a prize no matter if you deserved it or not.

Even though there were plenty almazing old classics the thumbnail car stood out. It will end up being a classic in the future and the paint and engine bay was flawless! The early gen S197 sitting next to it is owned by the same owner, and is equally perfect (and procharged).


I wish I could have stayed till the end but unfortunately that wasn’t possible this time. The cars leaving the lot always leave gracefully (unlike cars and coffee at times) and the sound of those old classics send all the right vibrations down your spine! Which was your favorite in this show? Mine was obviously the Cobra, but that GTO and the 442 were mean and clean as well!

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