I'll be taking my leave of absence from Oppo for a good while, or at until I'm forgotten enough that I feel comfortable coming back.

So here's why. In short, last night I had a real life situation become an Oppo want; in which some things happened good and bad, it just wasn't good for me. I went to sleep with expectation that the whole storm of comments would simply die down and go away, but no. I awoke to as many comments as last night. It was made clear that I fucked up, and I did so very badly.

So I see it best to just leave Oppo for awhile until things die down; that thread will be removed, and I'll essentially go into hiding.

Now, to any women that I may have offended last night, or any that know me here, Stef, $kay, Yamahog, I am truly sincerely sorry. It was not my goal to come out like some sexist asshole, I'm not like that; I only wished to share my experience and what I learned from it. It may have been worded in such a way that it made me appear that way, but that's not how I am; I feel very stupid and am very sad about this and I suppose I deserve some kind of roasting from you and everyone else.

That being said, I'll be leaving Oppo today, effective immediately; but not until I have time to post my final "$kaybait"(Because reasons).


So yeah, that's all. Sorry for somehow being a sexist asshole, and sorry for disappointing or offending anyone. I am grateful for the good help and advice I received last night(you know who you guys are), but I still have to go; so do yourself a favor Oppo, and forget about me. Sorry.

I'll be zipping up the flamesuit, but it's whatever I guess. Can't please everyone. I'll just have to deal with it.