Mood: Stressed

How is your Wednesday going, Oppo?

I’m overloaded. I’m ready to be done with school (but starting my MS in two weeks so... yeah) but I have a final presentation for my capstone class tomorrow and our final report, which was due on Friday, isn’t complete yet, nor is our presentation, and I have a 3000 word essay due for a 300 level gen-ed course due Friday, which I have yet to start. I’ve already pulled two all-nighters this week, so I’ve been throwing little naps in throughout the day.


I also need to get the Jetta roadworthy. I could not find a bolt that was the appropriate size to pull the flange off the stub axle, so I bit the bullet and sent it to a transmission shop. Then, it got there and they couldn’t get it to start, so I’m heading there after a meeting for one of my jobs to troubleshoot. I think a relay may have fried itself or wriggled loose en route to the shop. So, time to poke around with a “borrowed” multimeter from the Senior Design lab. Very cool.

And the Golf’s clutch cable is giving me issues more regularly, too. It works right now, but I really need to replace it with the manual adjusting cable I ordered last week from Black Forrest Industries. But, I’ve got no time for that.

I haven’t made it to the gym in about two weeks either, so I feel like garbage.

And I still need to figure out where I’ll be living after August. I will be on a limited budget as I just have a living stipend from my grad program, but all the affordable single person apartments are located in an inconvenient/sketchy area. I’d like to live downtown but those are expensive enough I’d need a roommate. Problem: almost all my buddies are graduating. A friend who’s taking a 5th year said he’d live with me, but he also doesn’t know if he’s staying at this school for next year. Might transfer to a state school back home to save some scratch.


Going into next week, I’ve got only four final exams, but I have one final project due the Sunday of graduation for a grad level class. No clue when I’ll get that done.

To top it off, my family isn’t actually even coming to my graduation. My older brother is graduating with his BS the same day as me. He took a full 13 semesters to wrap it up, but my family has decided to go to his ceremony instead of mine by the logic that “you’ll graduate at least two more times, he probably won’t again.” Which is valid, but still hurts a little. I also anticipate this happening again next year when my little sister graduates high school.


Finally, I have to figure out a smooth transition from my current rental to the one I’m in this summer with some fraternity brothers. I have to be out of my current place on the 13th, but can’t get into my summer place til the 19th. I start classes on the 20th. My dad said he can drive the E150 van down to graduation (they’re staying for Baccalaureate mass on Saturday) then hitch a ride back with my mom, then I’ll drive the van up on Monday with all my shit, leaving my cars in Dayton, then drive back down here the following Sunday with him, unload, and he’ll drive back. I guess that makes sense logistically, but I’d prefer to just stay here and move directly. I don’t really want to kick around my hometown for a week, either.

So yeah, that’s my monthly personal dump. I hope the rest of you are doing well.

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