We recently did away with our mag stripe ID cards at work, upgrading to RFID readers. As a result, we all got new cards. I found this on Shapeways a while back, and knew the time was right!


If you don’t recognize the Multi Pass, it’s a bit of futuretech from Luc Besson’s 1997 scifi epic The Fifth Element.

A Multi Pass is basically your ID, credit card and passport all rolled up in one. The protagonist inserts his Multi Pass into a reader in his taxi to start his shift, then into another reader at a starport to board a spaceliner.

You can buy pre-made prop replicas, but where’s the fun in that? Shapeways allows people to upload 3d files, then print them out in various qualities of plastic, metal, or ceramic. My Multi Pass arrived vapor polished, but required a bit of fine-tuning in the card slot and lanyard opening, then painting. The main body is painted in a mix of aluminum and gunship gray, accented with a black wash. I painted the two rods, the large round button and the smaller square white, then the two rods yellow and the large button yellow. A little steel for weathering, and two coats of flat lacquer to seal, followed up with gloss over the buttons and rods.  

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