Don’t worry, it’s only a chevy 502. It can’t hurt anyone.

Warning: post contains graphic displays of mopar after the safety image. You have been warned.

This is a car that I am certain is “not fucking around” levels of fast.
What’s that shaker say? Hemi. It says hemi. This is a numbers matching 1 owner car. With a 426ci elephant under the hood. I started shaking with excitement when I saw that 4 letter word.
Guy also brought out his 440 GTX. And I just couldn’t stop taking pics of it...


This challenger also came out. With a 318 and column shift auto, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as its hemi and 440 powered brethren, but still cool to see.
I think these are my fave challenger tails.


Group shot
Finally, a ‘48 dodge convertible with 8,000 confirmed original miles.