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Moral Dilemma + Homemade Pina Colada

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Yes, they were as tasty as they look. BA’s best recipe

So moral choice time. I have a guy lined up on the bike with cash in hand, ready to buy. All seems okay at first, but then he asks if I am including a helmet in the sale. Sure, I’ve got a few extra laying around I could give.....


WAIT, so you don’t have a helmet??” I asked

Turns out it would be his first bike. My immediate gut reaction is to tell him hell no, go get yourself a 250 or some low displacement cruiser. This is definitely not a bike for a beginner.


But, if I tell him that, he will just walk, and go buy some other OP bike from the next guy with a pulse and no conscience.

So do I take the (presumably) easy sale, try to teach the guy as best I can, knowing I may have sold the guy his figurative coffin? Or tell him to take a hike, and keep dealing with tire kickers?


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